Dallas Anti-Aging & Health is right here to assist you really feel vibrant, reclaim your vigor, and also recover your self-confidence. Our facility belongs to the American Academy of Anti-Aging medication, as well as our experts bring greater than a century of consolidated experience as well as know-how. Our extremely educated, licensed team has the certifications as well as the enthusiasm to assist you show up as well as feel your ideal.

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Attempt Priapus Shot (P-Shot) and also Take Pleasure In an Energetic Sex Life Without Medications or Surgical procedure!

At Dallas Anti-Aging & Health, we are happy to supply a drug-free, surgery-free option for guys struggling with ED.


The P-Shot is an exceptional development in dealing with Impotence. This therapy utilizes your very own development elements as well as your body's very own all-natural recovery capability to decrease or get rid of the signs and symptoms of male disorder!

PRP is made by utilizing a centrifuge to divide the platelet-rich plasma as well as various other "development elements" from the white as well as red blood cells in your blood. That is just how the PRP in the P-Shot (Priapus Shot) deals with impotence. The recovery consider the therapy enhance blood circulation to the penis. They likewise boost the development of brand-new erectile cells.

We are specialists in the management of the Priapus Shot, additionally called P-Shot. Our Clinical Supervisor, Dr. Sharratt, was educated as well as licensed to do the therapy by the world-renowned developer of the treatment, Dr. Charles Runels.

We additionally are providing every one of our P-Shot clients a unique incentive -- one complimentary Large D Wave Session.

The Huge D Wave is among the current developments in male improvement. It utilizes high-frequency acoustic waves to boost blood circulation as well as increase sex-related efficiency in males. When integrated with the P-Shot (Priapus Shot), the Huge D Wave improves the impacts of the therapy by more opening capillary as well as assisting the development consider the P-Shot to boost the restoration of new members vessels.

The P-Shot is not just for males with ED. It can additionally assist any kind of guy that simply would love to delight in a much better sex life that can feature longer, harder, much more lasting erections.

The Priapus Shot can likewise be utilized to deal with the curvature regular of guys with Peyronie's Condition.

We likewise understand that there are several elements that affect sex-related wellness which sex-related problems in both females and also guys can additionally be connected to hormonal agent degrees. That is why as component of our antiaging solutions, we additionally use a wide variety of Hormonal agent Substitute Treatments for females and also males.

What Are the Advantages of the P-Shot (Priapus Shot)?

There are numerous advantages of the Priapus Shot for guys.

Much better, much longer, as well as stronger erections Much better blood circulation and also flow for general better penile wellness Enhanced experience as well as enjoyment

Right after their initial Priapus Shot therapy, individuals have actually reported much better, longer-lasting erections.

Furthermore, the Priapus Shot additionally has the adhering to benefits over dental ED medicines as well as various other therapies:

What Can I Anticipate From The Therapy?


Much better Erections -- Medical professionals make use of a 25 factor erectile feature range to examine erections. Guy that have actually taken the Priapus Shot have actually risen as long as a 5-points on the 25 factors erectile feature range. If Any Kind Of Side Impacts [couple of [/solid>-- Because it is made from your very own blood, there are couple of if any type of negative effects to the Priapus Shot. Additionally, it substantially raises blood circulation to the penis, as well as just the penis, so it does not produce vascular negative effects, such as migraines, in various other components of your body, the method Viagra as well as various other ED medicines can. Returns Spontaneous Erections -- After P-Shot therapy, you prepare to execute whenever the minute strikes. There are no tablets to take or prescriptions to fill up, as well as the outcomes can last for over a year. Helpful for All Male -- Any type of male can take advantage of the Priapus Shot — — those that can not take dental ED medicines or perhaps guys that do not presently have actually ED. Any type of guy that intends to boost sex-related efficiency can take advantage of the therapy.

What Makes United States Different?

Our concern is to aid our individuals gain back the healthy and balanced as well as durable power of their young people. Our company believe that every male deserves to feel his/her ideal, regardless of what their age-- which consists of taking pleasure in healthy and balanced and also energetic sex life.

We supply Sexual Health Treatments for guys to ensure that any individual healthy and balanced sufficient to make love can delight in the lovemaking they are worthy of. When we are able to assist a person reclaim the convenience and also self-confidence that comes with wonderful sex life and also healthy and balanced hormone degrees, absolutely nothing brings us even more complete satisfaction than.

Call us today at 214-646-1523 for a totally free appointment with a males's health and wellness expert at Dallas Anti-Aging & Health!

Typical Inquiries Regarding the P-Shot (Priapus Shot)

What Is the Priapus Shot?

The Priapus Shot makes use of the development consider your very own blood to deal with impotence.

What Is Platelet Abundant Plasma?

Platelet-rich Abundant Plasma or PRP is composed of development elements called chemokines as well as cytokines, which boost the development of new members vessels and also cause the development of erectile cells. The boosted blood flow in the cells causes far better penile feature, suppleness, as well as boosted dimension and also level of sensitivity.

Does the Priapus Shot Pain?

No, a topical anesthetic is used prior to providing the Priapus Shot, so you will certainly experience little or no discomfort. After topical numbing is used, the treatment is practically pain-free. An extremely tiny scale needle is made use of to infuse the PRP right into the defined locations of the penis.

Exist Any Kind Of Adverse effects to the P-Shot?

Because PRP is made from your very own blood, the P-Shot has couple of recognized negative effects.

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Periodically, soreness or swelling at the shot websites has actually been reported.