Do you have a (totally logical) concern of tequila? Do you flat-out hate right stuff? I can virtually assure that you're consuming it incorrect if so. After investing a year in Mexico, I ultimately discovered the trick: exactly how to consume tequila like a Mexican ... and also in fact appreciate this powerful beverage.

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Exactly how to consume Tequila like a Non-Mexican

Prior to we enter into the information of just how to consume alcohol tequila like a Mexican, allow's take a great difficult look at just how the remainder people have a tendency to come close to the topic of tequila alcohol consumption ... or need to I state tequila slamming.

More frequently that not, it goes a something such as this:

Get in bar, take in a lots approximately various other drinks.Realise it's previous twelve o'clock at night and also a) you wish to dance or b) you still really feel also sober to call it an excellent Friday night.Shout to your close friends, "Tequilas ?!"After a combined responses of "heck yeahs" (from individuals that believe they're sober however most definitely aren't) as well as "urghhh, I dislike tequila" (from individuals that are really sober), head to the bar.Ordering procedure:" tequilas please."Go back to buddies with tray loaded with bad clear fluid in shot glasses total with a spreading of lime wedges and also salt.Add salt to rear of hand. Deep breath.Get a wedge of lime prepared to muffle the tequila discomfort. Take one more deep breath.Get beer container within getting range, in situation the lime does not function. Double deep breath.Round of shouting with buddies."One ...""2 ...""Wait!!!!! Brian's not all set."Brian, that was attempting to leave the entire tequila alcohol consumption company, is required by peer stress to get his glass."One ... 2 ... 3."Lick salt.Throw the tequila in the direction of your mouth.Gag.Try to ingest as your throat encloses protest.Swallow harder while attempting to take a breath with your nose.Finally ingest the fluid which sheds right to your stomach.Shove an unbelievably big quantity of sharp citrus right into your mouth as well as draw on it like you're a new-born offered your initial dummy/pacifier. Dispose of lime, take substantial swig of beer and also clean rips from your eyes.Cheer at the round of vacant glasses and also take a breath a secret sigh of alleviation that it mores than ...

Usually, after the initial tequila, this procedure is duplicated up until your memory transforms empty in the means it would certainly do if you were struck in the rear of the head by a shovel-- which really feels as though it may have taken place when you get up the following early morning, totally dressed, existing face down in the running setting questioning why, why, why and also swearing never ever once more.


"Tequila, it makes me satisfied. Tequila, I really feel alright." Verses from graph hit "Tequila" by UK band Terrorvision. The issue was tequila really did not make me pleased as well as it absolutely really did not make me really feel alright ... till I found out just how to consume alcohol tequila like a Mexican.

The above is a formula I have actually seen played out in bars, clubs and also dining establishments all over the world. Heck, I have actually intoxicated tequila this way in bars, clubs and also dining establishments worldwide.

A lot to ensure that when I mosted likely to Mexico, I was determined I really did not intend to touch right stuff. No more in my 20's, the tequila hangovers were ineffective and also I would certainly long invalidated this Mexican spirit on the premises it merely really did not taste excellent.

Due to the fact that I was consuming it all incorrect, when I described this to my Mexican buddies there was a consentaneous action-- the factor I really did not such as tequila was.

And also, keeping that realisation, I was scheduled in for some extreme re-education-- I was sent out to the community of Tequila, Jalisco; the community that is residence to Jose Cuervo; the birth place of tequila; and also the community where I lastly found out just how to consume alcohol tequila like a Mexican.

Exactly how to consume alcohol tequila like a Mexican

Stunning blue agave plants enhancing the city of Guadalajara.

I would certainly state right at the extremely initial action if I had to determine where us non-Mexicans go incorrect in our tequila alcohol consumption. Due to the fact that, essentially, tequila is a beverage we utilize to speed up the D in Drunk (or P in Pissed if we're being actually British concerning it).

However there's an extra basic reason that individuals consume alcohol tequila as a fast shot-- due to the fact that tequila beyond Mexico merely does not taste great.

Right stuff that we wolf down in bars or grab in grocery stores is low-grade, dirty alcohol that not does anything apart from provide tequila a negative name (as well as us a poor head).

Fortunately is that with on-line getting chances ever before increasing, it's not so hard to obtain your hands on excellent tequila (it's also much easier in the United States as well as Canada which currently imports a much wider variety of tequilas than we enter Europe).

As well as with a great tequila in your glass, the beverage entirely changes from something you may toss down your neck with a wince, to something you can enjoy as well as drink like you could a great whisky.

Just how do you select a great tequila?

Lots of people un-schooled in tequila offer really little idea to what they are acquiring, going with either the "enjoyable" container (the one that includes a plastic sombrero on the leading along with an offending caricature of a Mexican male) or, for a much more major celebration, a common container of Jose Cuervo.

Nonetheless, similar as a brandless container of whisky off the grocery store rack isn't mosting likely to taste as smooth as a 25 year Talisker, selecting a great tequila entails a fair bit even more understanding and also idea.

When selecting a great tequila, below are the primary points to look for.

Constantly acquire 100% Agave


Agave (obvious agar-bay), is the plant that tequila is made from and also is the extremely structure of an excellent tequila. Yet, in spite of expanding in wealth in Mexico, not all tequilas are used 100% blue agave.

Why is that a negative point? Well, allow's assume for a minute concerning a package of pork sausages that just consist of 50% pork. Did you tremble? I did also. The very same puts on tequila (minus the pig eyeballs). The non-agave active ingredients are normally reduced high quality, much less all-natural, influence the preference of the beverage and also can commonly add to those tequila hangovers that are so difficult to manage (since the mix consists of sugar as an additive).

Simply put, if you make just make one adjustment in your tequila alcohol consumption practices, then make it this: just ever before consume alcohol tequila that is made from 100% agave.

Pro Tequila Suggestion: some brand names might specify they are made "with blue agave" yet unless they state 100%, you are still obtaining a mix.

Consume the earliest tequila you can discover (as well as pay for)


Like a great scotch, tequila is among those beverages that enhances with age. As well as, the longer tequila has actually been matured, the much more smooth as well as, yes, the extra drinkable, it will certainly be.

The clear tequila that we most typically punch back in bars is generally fresh out of the barrel and also consequently is rather harsh to consume-- also in Mexico. For this reason the demand to chase this infant mixture with lime and also salt.

Nevertheless, consume a tequila that is also a bit older and also the preference as well as drinkability boosts drastically.

Tequila normally falls under these classifications:

Blanco -- totally unaged tequila that has actually invested much less than 2 months in steel or neutral oak barrels Joven -- as above however is frequently gold coloured (see listed below) Reposado -- matured greater than 2 months yet much less than 1 year in oak barrels Añejo -- aged 1-3 years in oak barrels ExtraAñejo -- matured greater than 3 years in oak barrels

What concerning gold tequila?

As tequila ages in the barrel, the colour of the fluid adjustments, producing the distinction in between white tequila (blanco) as well as gold tequila (oro). Nevertheless, do not be deceived-- unless the tequila is añejo (aged), then any type of gold colour has actually been included unnaturally to provide the impression that you're consuming alcohol a costs (older) item. Some joven tequila might obtain its gold colour from being combined with añejo tequila-- review the tag.

If you're trying to find a beverage that can be drunk rather than taken as a shot, however without investing a big quantity of cash then seek tequila that is "reposado". In Spanish that equates as "relaxed" indicating the tequila has actually beinged in the barrel a bit enabling the intensity to dissipate, the flavour to create as well as the drinkability to boost.

Tryañejo orextra añejo for a smoother preference if you can.

Wish to attempt it in the house? Click on this link to purchase tequila online.

What regarding the tequila worm?

Most individuals know with the idea of the worm in tequila containers. Reputed to be hallucinogenic, the tequila worm is a hallmark for bold enthusiasts. And also yet, there are 2 typical misconception when it involves tequila worms:

the worm is in fact connected with Mezcal (a sibling beverage of tequila), not tequila; andin any type of instance, the worm idea was an advertising and marketing scheme thought up in the 1940s to improve as well as rebrand exhilaration concerning the beverage.

Tequila is not created from worms. Worms play none in the flavouring or colouring of tequila and also if you intend to consume to tequila like a Mexican, you'll stay away from any kind of worm based items (which have actually been suspended for unaware visitors).

Tequila top quality range


To wrap up, right here is what tequila resembles on thequality range from reduced to high quality.

Tequila (no declaration regarding it being 100% agave)100% agave tequila (blanco or joven)100% agave tequila reposado100% agave tequilaañejo100% agave tequilaextra añejo

Along with every one of this, there are clearly various tequila brand names that supply various preferences. Whether you favor one to one more will certainly constantly boil down to individual preference, so you have complete authorization to experiment.

Exactly how do Mexicans consume alcohol tequila?


Up until I tasted great tequila, the suggestion of drinking as well as resting tequila, as Mexican individuals typically do, felt like a ridiculous task. Yet the fact is that excellent tequila is to be indulged in, not punched down at rate.

Below's just how to consume alcohol tequila like a Mexican.

Select a tequila that is 100% agave as well as a minimum of reposado.

Fill up a shot glass in the regular method (the Mexican shot glasses have a tendency to be taller and also thinner than the squat, squat variations in the UK as well as the United States as well as are called caballito , indicating little steed).

To consume, just take a little sip of tequila straight as well as delight in.

You can attempt your tequila withsome lime (called limon in Mexico) and also some (carefully ground) salt if you really feel the requirement as a brand-new tequila enthusiast. After every sip or more, dip your wedge of lime right into a percentage of salt and also draw on it. Nonetheless, do not utilize way too much as you will certainly hush the flavour of the tequila.

Preferably, shop the little limes that are light environment-friendly since they are sweeter as well as juicier than their bigger, darker equivalents.

As well as there you have it: just how to consume alcohol tequila like a Mexican.

What concerning Tequila shots in Mexico?

The westernised means of alcohol consumption tequila where you lick some salt off the rear of your hand, ingest a whole shot of tequila in one go as well as round off with a fast suck on a lime wedge does in fact stem from Mexico-- it is exactly how Mexican individuals consume alcohol really young tequila i.e. not reposado or añejo.

Nevertheless, this design of tequila alcohol consumption in Mexico has an event ambiance to it as well as is much more typical among more youthful enthusiasts. As smoother tequilas are much more budget-friendly as well as easily offered, this white, rougher tequila appears to be intoxicated much less often.

What regarding tequila hangovers?

There is something really gorgeous regarding the tequila purification procedure.

The day after my tequila scenic tour I was hangover complimentary and also I was definitely startled by that.

The tequila sampling had actually been liberal as well as the alcohol consumption duration expanded, nevertheless I would certainly (mostly) adhered to the tourist guide tequila sampling guideline: never ever mix tequila with sugar. Lengthy island ice teas (loaded with coke), orangey tequila sunups, sweet margaritas ... our westernised tequila consuming means are fundamentally related to the one compound that needs to be prevented to maintain a clear head the following day.

Do not feed your body sugar as well as tequila in the exact same resting if you desire to maintain the hangover at bay.

All that stated, occasionally all you desire is an enjoyable tequila alcoholic drink, frustration be damned. If you remain in the state of mind for an event of a long, amazing mixed drink on a warm day, have a look at my 8 Tequila Alcoholic Drink Recipes To Attempt In The House.

Seeing Tequila in Mexico


Do some sampling and also go in the community of Tequila in Mexico if you desire to level-up your tequila expertise.

Inhabiting little bit greater than 2 dirty roads, I was happily stunned to locate that the community of tequila kept a drowsy, sectarian ambiance. Naturally, the tranquility was disturbed daily when a train lots or 2 rolled a lot of vacationers right into community, however Tequila was or else lacking the mass tourist that has actually bulldozed via various other components of Mexico (I'm considering you: Cabo san Lucas and also Cancun .

Taking satisfaction of location as well as having a lot of the major road in tequila is Jose Cuervo. as well as young boy do they have some huge strategies

Prior to leaving the community of tequila I attempted to shed the photo of the road right into my memory since Jose Cuervo has actually introduced its intent to pump around USD$ 25 million right into establishing the community of Tequila with the objective of motoring global tourist to the community.

Certainly, it needs to be a good idea that even more individuals go to tequila as well as preference this beverage in its house place, yet I fear it will certainly go to the expenditure of the community's credibility.

So, if there were ever before a location to see faster than later on, tequila is it. And also why not-- due to the fact that there is no much better area to find out just how to consume tequila like a Mexican?

Tequila scenic tours in Mexico


In the meantime, tequila trips have not strike the phase of mass tourist outside Mexico (however see listed below). Therefore, I was among just 2 non-Mexicans on a 52-seater instructor excursion. If your Spanish isn't terrific-- the overview on the scenic tour as well as the bus overview at the distillery can talk great English, do not stress. And also, alcohol consumption tequila with 50 Mexicans is the ideal time to find out some brand-new words. Salud!

Usage Guadalajara as your base

Guadalajara is a dynamic as well as attractive city north of Mexico city where Mariachi bands still bet the pleasure of the residents (not equally as a vacationer destination), the road food is belly increasing, the salsa clubs are loaded, and also the costs are visibly less than various other components of Mexico.

Guadalajara is likewise referred to as the "gay funding" of Mexico if you're wanting to experience Mexico's gay scene.

Guadalajara in Jalisco state is a wonderful, cost effective base for checking out the community of Tequila.

Guadalajara is around 6 hrs (by roadway) northwest of Mexico City as well as the community of Tequila is around a more 1 hr (byroad)from Guadalajara.

Go here to discover trips to Guadalajara making use of Skyscanner

Both primary selections for a tequila scenic tour are:

Certainly, you can drive as well, however you'll require an assigned motorist.

The train excursion will normally consist of a browse through to a distillery to see the tequila making procedure from the harvesting as well as bring down of the agave plantto the whole purification procedure.

After that you will certainly see 3 or 4 extra distilleries for samplings in addition to dropping in the drowsy community of tequila where Jose Cuervo has a considerable existence.

Throughout the day you will certainly discover agave as well as the tequila ages. You will certainly likewise be presented to something we just do not enter the UK-- lotion based tequila blends. For the document, strawberry lotion tequila is both magnificent and also actual.

Anticipate the day to be lengthy as well as prepare for some remarkably very early tequila sampling (I had my initial tequila in hand means prior to lunchtime).

, if you're looking to check out even more ofMexico check out Intrepid Traveling They provide numerous tiny team excursions with Mexico and also you're ensured to obtain a social experience.

Where to remain in Guadalajara

I remained at Guadalajara Centro Hospedarte Hostel and also reserved my scenic tour via them at an expense of $400MXN (around ₤ 20/$30 consisting of transportation and also samplings).

On a budget plan: Hostel Hospedarte Guadalajara Centro -- I remained right here as well as it was remarkably social (assume: routine Tequila events) with great choices for reserving trips.

Mid-range: The Westin Guadalajara-- tidy, clean, modern-day areas with a wonderful area, The Westin uses dependable servicefor wonderful rates.

High-end: NH Collection Guadalajara Providencia-- situated in the monetary area of Guadalajara, anticipate modern-day spaces in an excellent place, bordered by a great option of dining establishments.

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Hotels in the community of Tequila: There is a handful of resorts to pick from if you would certainly instead remain in the community of Tequila itself.

What's your partnership like with tequila? Love it? Despise it? Prepared to offer it an attempt the Mexican means?

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